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Pomorsko turistička agencija Grand Circle Travel potražuje osobu za radno mjesto – Referent nabave.

Podsjetimo, Grand Circle Travel je agencija koja posluje isključivo s Amerikancima iznad 50 godina i organizira putovanja za navedenu klijentelu po cijelom svijetu.

Agencija potražuje radnicu ili radnika za radno mjesto referenta nabave na određeno s mogućnošću stalnog zaposlenja s početkom rada 15. travnja.

Referent nabave je odgovoran/na za prikupljanje, analizu i korekciju narudžbe brodova te za organizaciju dostave na brodove i održavanje rasporeda logistike.

Više o uvjetima pročitajte u nastavku.
Technical Purchasing Coordinator

Responsibilities include:

  • Collection, analysis and correction of order
  • Ordering SI-approved technical spare parts / consumables with vendors
  • Organization of deliveries to ships
  • Follow-up with suppliers on daily issues related to loadings
  • Information maintenance in AMOS
  • Supporting technical operations with daily issue
  • Other tasks as per supervisor’s instructions

Position Requirements and Qualifications:

  • University with degree in Economics or experience in working on ships in technical department is an advantage
  • Advanced experience with Microsoft Office ( Excel )
  • English language
  • Ability to organize and prioritize
  • Attention to detail and accuracy
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Communication skills
  • Team work, thriving in change, risk taking
  • Jos is based in Dubrovnik, Croatia – therefore candidate has to live and work in Dubrovnik

Grand Circle Corporation is in business to change the lives of our travelers, employees and communities in which we work and travel. We’re the largest U.S. direct marketer of international travel, adventure and discovery for North Americans aged 50-plus and have served 1 million travelers since 1958.

Grand Circle provides competitive compensation package for a qualified candidate. More opportunities such as professional and personal growth in highly developed team environment; yearly incentive based on excellence goal achievement, travel discount program for associates around the globe over 80 different destinations and many more.

Please submit your applications to by April 10, 2017

Please note only short listed candidates will be contacted.



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